Welcome to Anivivian! Founded by Lolita Ramsey, Anivivian is dedicated to helpingindividuals achieve better mental health and more fulfilling lives. With over adecade of experience in psychology and mental health, Lolita has committed hercareer to this mission.

Our Journey

Anivivian began as a personal quest for Lolita during a time of professional burnout. As a therapist working with individuals in low socioeconomic areas, she witnessed the impact of stress and the lack of self-care routines. Creating natural body scrubs and candles for herself and her family sparked the idea to share these products with others who were struggling with self-care.

In 2019, Anivivian was born, initially offering Christmas baskets filled with self-care products. The global pandemic in 2020 allowed Lolita to improve product development and packaging, expanding the line to include all-natural soaps. In 2021, recognizing the need for more comprehensive self-care tools, she developed a self-care journal.

In 2022, Anivivian expanded to include mental health and self-development workshops and has since hosted its first retreat, released a self-development workbook, and launched a coaching program.

A Personal Dedication

Anivivian is named in honor of Lolita's late mother, Anita Tinker. Through the profound grief of losing her, Lolita learned the keys to building resilience and overcoming life's hardest challenges. Anita’s memory continues to inspire the mission of Anivivian.

Our Mission and Vision

Anivivian's mission is to empower individuals from low socioeconomic backgrounds to achieve better mental health through affordable self-care products and impactful mental health events. The vision is to be globally recognized for increasing mental wellness awareness and providing
accessible tools and resources for everyone to prioritize their mental health.

Keys to Success

Professional Expertise:

Products and services are developed by professionals with over 10 years in psychology and mental health.

Inspiring Leaders:

Events and services provided by thought leaders who are both inspiring and relatable.


Product development based on evidence-based research to ensure effectiveness.

Customer Feedback:

Continuous improvement based on customer experiences and feedback.

Join Anivivian in making mental health and self-care accessible and a priority for all.