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Meet Lolita Ramsey

Lolita grew up in poverty and overcame obstacles to turn her dreams into achievements. Fighting every barrier that came her way showing the ultimate level of resilience, Lolita not only became the first in her family to graduate from college but also received a master’s degree in professional counseling. Throughout her journey, Lolita lost her mother, suffered from a miscarriage, navigated through difficult relationships, and dealt with crippling anxiety. Throughout it all, she continues to bet on herself and dedicates her life to helping others cultivate resilience and overcome doubt.

Lolita has over 7 years of experience working with individuals to overcome fear, doubt, and anxiety. Through her work as a mental health therapist, coach, and speaker she has helped individuals develop resilience, increase motivation, and take steps towards achieving their dreams. Lolita continues to achieve this through coaching, hosting retreats, and providing education
through webinars and speaking engagements.

If you are ready to learn more about how you can cultivate resilience and dismantle doubt in order to achieve your dream, book a consultation call with Lolita today!

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  • "I appreciate how much you pour into me." -E.A.

  • "You are a walking testimony. You practice what you preach and it is encouraging." -F.Q.

  • "Thank you so much Ms. Lolita. You were a big help in my journey. Forever grateful for you." -J.W.

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