Lather Bars

Anivivian was a brand developed after the founder, Lolita
Ramsey, needed to find a way to practice self-care for herself after a long day
of providing mental health counseling. Lolita Found solace in making body
scrubs and candles. Remembering how much self-care helped Lolita through the
grief after losing her mother, she decided to dedicate the brand to her mother,
Anita Vivian.

After Anita passed in 2009, Lolita relied heavy on time
with friends, celebrating her mother’s life, and alone time to take care herself.
Lolita didn’t know then but after her career as a therapist she realized that those
self-care activities plus others is what help her through her grieving process.

Throughout her career, she continued to learn how important self-care is to
mental health and stress management. Lolita worked with many patients who were
suffer from chronic stress and anxiety who lacked a regular self-care routine.
Therefore, she dedicated her career to spread awareness about self-care and
making it affordable and accessible.

Lolita hopes to inspire individuals to prioritize their
mental health and self-development through her brand Anivivian.